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Scale model Atlantique 2 - 1/72


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Superb mono bloc resin replica, 1/72 scale.
Delivered with its designer resin holder in its luxury box: 51x 51 x 19 cm.

Model replicating the standard 6 version of the aircraft. There are the different elements characteristic of this standard of the device.

This packaging includes a decals sheet allowing the personalization of the model (flottiles / serial numbers). The propellers are made of metal (delivered in 4 copies).
Model Dimensions: 44.10 cm of length - 50.42 cm of span - 15.74 cm of height.

In the mid-1970s, faced with the increasing threat from submarines and surface ships, the French Navy decided to deploy a new-generation version of the Atlantic maritime patrol aircraft.

Two Atlantic 2 (ATL2) prototypes were built using two Atlantics from the first production series (no. 42 and no. 69). They were modified to carry the different components of the new weapon system and equipped with the upgrades planned for the new series. Some structural improvements were introduced, without any major modification of the basic airframe. The weight of the “double-bubble” fuselage was reduced by extensive use of honeycomb materials, and aerodynamics were optimized. All-new electronic systems incorporated the latest technological advances while allowing for subsequent upgrades.

The ATL2 airframe is produced by a European consortium. It is the only maritime patrol aircraft in the world that is not derived from a civilian commercial aircraft, but has been specifically designed for its mission.

The first of a series of 28 aircraft was delivered in 1988.

In 2013, the French defense procurement agency DGA awarded Dassault Aviation a combat system upgrade contract, the Standard 6 program, giving the aircraft unrivaled capabilities: new radar, new acoustic subsystem, new console, etc.

Thanks to this modernization effort, the ATL2s will be even more effective in supporting the French Strategic Oceanic Force, as well as in all missions assigned to these "frigates of the sky".

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