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Scale model Mystère IV - 1/72


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Despite being apparently identical to the Mystère II from an aerodynamic point of view, the Mystère IV was an entirely new aircraft: pear-shaped fuselage section, thinner wing with increased sweep (32° at 25% of the chord), significantly greater power. It was equipped with hydraulic servo controls.

The aircraft was rugged, reliable, a good firing platform, with good maneuverability and excellent performance. At the time of entry into service, it was at least equivalent to the best foreign fighters.

The Mystère IV remained in service with the French Air Force from 1955 to 1982.

From 1957, it was flown by the Patrouille de France until 1964.

The Mystère IVAs of the Patrouille de France were the first in the world to release blue-white-red smoke, during the 1957 Paris Air Show at Le Bourget.

The production run reached 411 aircraft. This included 59 aircraft in service with two groups of fighter-bombers in the State of Israel (1956), and 110 aircraft exported to India (1957).

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