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Scale model Ouragan - 1/72


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The MD-450 Ouragan was the first French jet fighter to go into series production after the Second World War. Its wing has a low sweep angle (14°) and the air intake is located in the nose. Dassault Aviation was able to use this feature to test and analyze problems relating to aerodynamics and flight characteristics due to the compressibility of the air.

The prototype made its first flight on February 28th, 1949 at Melun-Villaroche, flown by Constantin Rozanoff. The Ouragan was in service with the French Air Force from 1952 to 1961.

In 1954, the Patrouille de France adopted the MD-450 Ouragan, a 100% French aircraft, with a four-plane formation. It retained the aircraft until 1957.

The model presented belongs to the 4th Fighter Wing based in Bremgarten (Germany). This aircraft of EC 3/4 Flandre carries, on the right side, the Petit Poucet of SPA 155 and, on the left, the Red Devil of SPA 160.
It is decorated with the livery commemorating the signing of the Treaty of Rome (1957) and the birth of the European Economic Community, the future European Union.

The Ouragan was the first French military aircraft to be exported after the war. India placed an order for 113 Toofani, the Ouragan's designation in the Indian Air Force, in June 1953. From 1954 onwards, the Israeli Defence/Air Force received 24 Ouragans deployed with its ground support units. Some of these aircraft were resold and served in the Salvadorian Air Force until 1985.

A two-seater night fighter and a version designed to operate from rough airstrips were also tested.

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