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Scale model Rafale C - Rafale Solo Display - 1/72


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The Rafale is an omnirole fighter aircraft, produced in both single-seat and two-seat versions. There are different models for the French Air and Space Force (FASF) and the French Navy, although they feature 95% commonality.
The Rafale C, the single-seat version for the FASF, is capable of carrying out a wide variety of missions (omnirole aircraft).
With an external payload capacity of 9,500kg and a versatile weapon system, the Rafale C can perform a wide range of missions that previously required different specialized aircraft: air superiority and air defense, close air support, deep strike, aerial reconnaissance, nuclear deterrence, etc.
In service with the FASF since 2006, the Rafale has proven itself in combat in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom), Libya (Operation Harmattan) and more recently in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel (Operation Serval), but also in Iraq and Syria, operating from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (Operation Chammal).
In addition, the Rafale has been exported to Egypt, Qatar, India, Greece, Croatia, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia.
The RSD livery was applied during the 2021 display season. The graphics were created by Régis Rocca and produced by the staff of the Structure workshop of 15.004 Haute Marne technical support squadron, stationed at BA113 in Saint-Dizier.

The display pilot for the 2021 season was Captain Jérôme Thoule, aka "Schuss", an instructor pilot at the Rafale transformation squadron ETR 3/4 Aquitaine, under the direction of Captain Sébastien Nativel, aka "Babouc", who was the display pilot in 2018-2019.

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Color Blue
Scale 1/72
Model Material Metal
Labels No