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Scale Mirage F1 C model - 1/72


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Reduced diecast model scale 1/72 with very high precision delivered with landing gears and presentation base.
This model can be assembled without any tools nor glue within a few minutes.Invisible assembly. 3 possible presentation (take-off - landing, in flight, on the taxi way).
This model is presented in a designed packaging. (21.5 * 21.5 / 7 cm).
This model comes with a sheet of decals and installation instructions, allowing you to customize the model by choosing among the registrations, the badges of the Air Force squadrons.

Model dimensions: 21 cm of length - 15,5 cm of span - 6,5 cm of height. (7.5 cm when landing gears are down).
The Mirage F 1 C was the basic version of the Mirage F-1, optimized for all-weather all-altitude air defense used by the French Air Force.
The Mirage F 1, which returned to the traditional formula of the sweptback wing with empennage, is characterized by a significant capacity for acceleration.
The return to this formula was allowed by technological progress making it possible to manufacture an ultra-thin and robust aerofoil offering a smoothness into supersonic equivalent to that of the wing-delta.
The fuselage is of integral structure tight, to place the maximum of fuel.
The Mirage F 1 had seven attachement points under the wing and fuselage, multiplying the number and kind of loads. The basic combat armaments included two 30-mm cannoncs and two Matra Magic missiles at the wing tips.
Entered in service the French Air Force in 1973, the Mirage F-1 was sold with more than 700 pieces in 11 countries.

Important notice
Detailed scale replica for adult collectors and not a toy.
Be careful as the model may contain small parts and sharp edges.
Not suitable for children under 15 years of age.

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Color No
Scale 1/72
Model Material Metal
Labels No