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Scale model Falcon 900Lx- 1/48


Scale model Falcon 6X Model - 1/200

Scale model Falcon 8X Model - 1/72


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Superb mono bloc resin replica, 1/72 scale, supplied with its steel stand in a luxury box 38 * 38 * 14 cm.
Size of the plane: 34 x 36 x 11 cm.
With its maximum range of 6,450 nm (11,945 km), the Falcon 8X is the longest-range jet in the Falcon family. Add to that its amazing short-field performance and you have a business jet that not only links the most important city pairs non-stop,
but can also access far more airports than its competitors.
A spacious, highly configurable cabin provides superb comfort and unmatched quiet, making it the ultimate environment for business.

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Color No
Scale 1/72
Model Material Resin
Labels No