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Maquette Rafale EQ - Monoplace Qatar - Echelle 1/48ème


Scale model Rafale M Model - 1/72 - 100th anniversary of 11F squadron

Scale model Rafale M Model - 1/72 - 100th anniversary of the first landing


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Reduced diecast model scale 1/72 with very high precision delivered with landing gears and presentation base.
This model can be assembled without any tools nor glue within a few minutes.
Invisible assembly. 3 possible presentation (take-off - landing, in flight, on the taxi way).
This model is presented in a designed packaging. (21.5 * 21.5 / 7 cm).

This color scheme was applied to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first landing of a French aircraft on a French Navy ship.
On October 20th, 1920, a Hanriot HD2 carried out this first landing on the deck of the Béarn, in the Bay of Toulon. Lieutenant Teste thus became the first naval aviator.
The design was created by L. Malherbe, produced and applied by Createm.

The Rafale is an omnirole fighter aircraft, produced in both French Air Force and Navy versions. The two versions are 95% identical.
Operational on the French aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle, the Rafale M is the only foreign combat aircraft capable of carrying out operations from U.S. aircraft carriers, using their catapults and arresting gear.

With an external payload capacity of 9,500kg, the Rafale M regularly carries out Quick Reaction Alert (QRA), air defense and sovereignty missions, power projection and deployments for external missions, deep strike missions, air support for ground forces or reconnaissance, as well as pilot training and qualification flights. The aircraft has been in service with the French Navy since 2004, and has proven its combat effectiveness since 2007.

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Color No
Scale 1/72
Model Material Metal
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