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Scale model Rafale B Model - 1/48


€145.10 Incl. VAT


Resin Model scale 1/48 presented with its armements.
Delivered with its designer resin holder in its luxury box 38 * 37 * 14 cm.

Model replicating the F3 version of the aircraft. There are the different elements characteristic of this standard of the device (optronics front sector, launches them decoys).
The selected configuration is composed of Mica IR missiles and Meteor missiles in lateral side “AR”, 2 scalp missile – 3 barrels of 2000 liters.
Model Dimensions: 31.88 cm of length - 22.71 cm of span - 11.04 cm of height.

This packaging includes a decals sheet allowing the personalization of the model (registrations, squadron), accompanied by a clear and complete notice. The installation of customizations is quick and easy.

The Rafale omnirole combat aircraft is produced as single and two-seater. Air Force and Navy are equipped with different variants with 90% common elements.
The Rafale B is the double-seat version operated by Air Force, implementing full swing role capabilities (omnirole).
With 9,500 kg of external carrying capability and a multi-purpose weapons system, the Rafale B can perform a wide range of missions previously requiring dedicated types of aircraft: air superiority, air defense, close air support, long range strike, recce, anti-ship strike, nuclear deterrence, etc.
The Rafale has been operational since 2006 in the French Air Force and combat proven in Afghanistan (operation “Enduring Freedom”), in Libya (“Harmattan”) and more recently in operations against terrorism in the Sahelo-Saharan strip (“Serval”) as well as in Iraq and Syria from Jordan and United Arab Emirates (“Chammal”).
In addition, the Rafale was exported to Egypt, Qatar and India.

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Color No
Scale 1/48
Model Material Resin
Labels No